Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's January and cold. High of zero today. Time to hunker down with some seed catalogs, dreaming of warmer days.

These are all the catalogs I have so far. Haven't done much veggie gardening since we moved, so I'm not on many lists anymore. New house has small shady lot with lots of mature trees. We love the neighborhood, but I miss my large, sunny backyard plot.

Pinetree Garden Seeds was always one of my favorites because they sell smaller seed counts at lower prices--packets are just right for one year's planting in the home garden. That means I can try the Boothby's Blonde heirloom cucumbers one year and then Sweet Success the next without wasting seeds or money. Here's Garden Rant's praise for Baker Creek Seeds, another in my meager stack.

Where do you get your seeds?