Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sun Scald

I was a little concerned about the heat under the plastic row covers on Saturday afternoon, but since we were expecting snow again on Sunday, I wasn't sure I should remove it. Maybe if I had been dedicated enough to drive back that evening to put it back on, things would have been okay. As it was, the plants got roasted.

Bill arrived on Sunday afternoon and took some temperature readings. Here's a recap:

  • The raised bed (outside the high tunnel ) had a soil temp of 46.
  • Inside the high tunnel, the bed with floating row cover had a soil temp of 57.
  • The bed with the plastic had a soil temp of 63.

Most of the plants under the plastic are suffering from sun scald. So we're done with the plastic now until fall. We’ll see if the plants pull through. We now know that the plastic will need to be replaced with floating row cover in March.

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