Friday, June 5, 2009

Chair Dancing

OMG! Here are my Harvard beets. This is one of those dishes that literally makes me dance. It’s like pickled beets, only hot and creamy. (Have I mentioned that I love pickled beets?) So incredibly good I’m bouncing in my chair.

You can see me do the same little chair dance at Taste of India where I ALWAYS order the vegetarian thali and then eat until my tummy hurts. It’s a good kind of pain.

And while not all out chair-dance-inducing, the root soup at St. Brendan’s is definitely good for some happy pre-meal applause.

What foodie treat gets you moving?

(Note: Recipe below has been updated to read 1/3 cup reserved cooking liquid. Also, I saved a whole lotta energy and nuked my beats instead of roasting them in my 80s era oven. Joy of Cooking said I could.)

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