Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reusable Produce Bags

Hit the Broadway district's farmer's market tonight and picked up these hydroponic tomatoes. (I ate a couple of the cherries on the way home. Absolutely perfect.)

This was the first time I've used my reusable produce bags, and not surprisingly, they drew some interest. One of the vendors even plucked one out of my hand and put it on the scale to see what it weighed -- nothing registered.

Of course, these bags aren't really meant for the farmer's market where I could just as easily reuse any plastic bag for my purchase. Really, the bags are designed for the grocery store. The mesh is clear enough that a checker would still be able to read the code off a sticker. And as we already know, they're just as light as filmy plastic.

Best thing about these bags--they're the brainchild of a new local company called EarthSAKS. Love to support the local economy.

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