Friday, July 9, 2010

We're On the Garden Walk!

Okay so first about the picture -- I yanked the last of the lettuce this week. It lasted a really long time....and might have even gone longer if I was harvesting more regularly. (But seriously, we had a ton of lettuce). Anyway, it was all either gone to seed, or slimy underneath, or just kinda big.

So two of the paths in the high tunnel will remain bare now until August, I think, when we start the fall planting. (The other two rows have onions, tomatoes, basil and peppers.)

But now for the garden walk news--we're on it! Well the whole Extension garden complex is on it. Truth be told, I've never bothered to walk around the perennial or rose gardens before, so I'll be doing that on Sunday.

The Green Bay garden walk runs Saturday and Sunday. Info at the Green Bay Botanical Garden website.

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