Thursday, May 14, 2009


I don't. know what. I'm doing.

There I said it. The whole broccoli raab and radish section is a mess. The raab somehow drifted across the end of the row and I can't tell what's raab, what's radish, and what's weed. Everything is too close. It's not good.

Plus, to top it off....I've never grown or cooked broccoli raab before. I've eaten it in a restaurant, maybe once. So here's what I harvested today. Some of it is flowering already. And even I know that won't likely make for the best eatin'.

Plus, (blushing) you know that super spicy, super young "radish" I ate a few weeks back....well, I'm pretty sure it was a broccoli raab root. Sigh.

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