Sunday, September 20, 2009

'Cause People Like to Say 'Salsa'

Salsa: 19 pints, 1 quart, plus more in the fridge.
Times I've left the house since making these: About 3.
Times I've remembered to pick up tortilla chips: 0.

With the exception of the bell peppers and some of the onions, all of these ingredients were purchased at the farmer's market. Got a large flat of tomatoes on Wednesday night for just $8. Score. Made all of this and still have some left over. (Tomatoes in the high tunnel are starting to ripen, but not enough for mass salsa production.)

NOTE ADDED SEPT. 24: This recipe is not deemed safe for canning. And salsa should only be canned in pints. Please see this safe salsa recipe. Use this recipe for fresh salsa only.

This is my brother's fresh salsa recipe:

4 tomatoes
5 jalepenos
2 medium onions
1 sweet bell
1 small can tomato sauce
1 tsp garlic
1 tbl. salt
1.5 tbl. white wine vinegar
2 tbl. fresh cilantro

(And that's a Seinfeld reference in the title, for those of you scratchin' your heads.)


  1. Whoaa girl that recipe is not safe to can. There is not enough acid in that to prevent botulism. You should only use tested, canning specific recipes. Pick up a ball blue book of canning at menards only $5 and tells you why you cant can any ole recipe. Has a lot of good safe canning recipes too. You can also go the the National Center for Home Preservation for more info and recipes.

    Since your friendly with the Extension people you can ask them also. They usually run a master canning course every year.

    I hope you read this and edit your post about canning this recipe. I'm sure you have canned this recipe before and nothing has happened but you never know when your luck will run out, and heaven forbid you give a jar away and something happens. Botulism is so fatal it can kill you by just skin contact. The C.I.A tried to kill Castro by tipping his cigars with it.

    Go Bears! packers grrrrr

  2. Okay joe-il...I'm checking with the extension staff. Hold on.