Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Planting, Part Deux

More seeds in the ground last night. This was our second fall planting (the first was cabbage and winter onions more than a week ago). My instructions from Bill were to plant "twice as many as I wanted" so we had produce to experiment with. One of the big questions, I believe, is how long we can leave the root vegetables in the ground before they go all soft and squidgy.

Remember, we have lots of insulation around the base of the high tunnel. That and the air protection above ground should help us stretch our harvest season quite far. Harvesting in January or February perhaps?

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  1. If you don't all ready have it get the book "Four-Season Harvest" by Elliot Coleman. This is a must have for winter gardening. The root crops should last almost until spring - according to the book. The ground acts like cold storage.

    I plan on building a H-tunnel this fall and doing a winter garden next year.

    love your blog and h tunnel, love to have something like that.

    GO BEARS!!!!!!