Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garden Tilling Service (& way more)

So I went to the panel on community gardens at the library last night. Lots of good information shared and discussion afterwards.

The most exciting (to me anyway) was the information from Tsunhehkwa. (Sounds like June-hink-kwa.) It's the Oneida agriculatural center's not just for Oneidas.

We heard from Jeff Metoxen about all the amazing offerings they have. The COOLEST thing though is that they'll come till up a garden for you. Just $20 for up to a 1/4 of an acre!! (Can you even rent a tiller and do it yourself for that???) Plus, PLUS if you're 55 or older the price drops to just $10. Even if you're not Oneida.

Also, on May 8th, at 10 a.m. you can come be a part of their seed and plant distribution. For just $5 you'll recieve seeds and plants, including onion sets and potatoes. Enough to grow a 40x40 garden. Yes, even if you're not Oneida.

They also have a store where you can get organic certified grass-fed beef, free range chicken, turkeys and eggs and other organic food.

Plus they have a community cannery where you can take classes or even have your own produce canned for you.

We actually went in with my brother's family on part of a cow from Tsunhehkwa last year. It's good!

They also do lots of other cool stuff like run some community gardens and host a farmers' market on Thursday nights. (Near the Oneida One Stop, he said, but you might want to call for better directions.)

And again, everyone is welcome!

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